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A modern világ szókincse - második rész. 

Match the words with the definitions.

1. crowdfunding

a) a pub which offers gastronomic cuisine in addition to drinks

2. e-piracy

b) aggressive habits often resulting in violence against other drivers

3. overworking class

c) an area where there is slow Internet access or no connection at all

4. road rage

d) raising money for a project with help from a large number of people who give a small amount

5. to upskill

e) people who need to or want to work long hours

6. cyberbully

f) illegal downloading of material found on the Internet

7. gastropub

g) a person who uses social networks to harass or intimidate another person

8. notspot

h) to teach an employee new or additional skills

answers: 1-d 2-f 3-e 4-b 5-h 6-g 7-a 8-c

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