7 egyszerű pezsgős koktél szilveszterre

Nézzünk meg 7 nagyon egyszerű (mindössze két összetevős) pezsgős koktél receptet szilveszterre! Jó mulatást:)

Unless (unless = hacsak nem)  you’re making a drink where the flavour of the Champagne really matters (to matter = számít, fontos, lényeges), inexpensive (inexpensive = nem drága) champagne brands (brand = márka) work well! Remember to pour the mixers in first, then top off with champagne to avoid (to avoid = elkerül) fizzy (fizzy = buborékos) overflow (túlfolyás, kiömlés).


This one’s a brunch classic. Increase (to increase = megemelni, növelni) the flavour by using a 1:5 ratio (ratio = arány) of freshly-squeezed (freshly-squeezed = frissen facsart) orange juice to Champagne. Then add a splash (splash = spriccelésnyi, fröccsenet) of triple sec.

Kir Royale

The fancy (elegáns, előkelő) cousin to the made-with-white-wine (made-with-white-wine = fehér borral készült) Kir, the Kir Royale consists of (to consist of = áll valamiből) a dash of (dash of = fröccsenésnyi)  creme de cassis (currant syrup = feketeribizli likőr), topped off (topped off = feltöltött) with Champagne.


Invented (to invent = kitalál, feltalál) at Harry’s Bar in Venice, the Bellini is best when made with ripe (ripe = érett) peaches. If peaches aren’t in season, try creme de peche (peach syrup = őszibarack likőr). Use a 1:4 ratio of syrup to prosecco.

Black Velvet

This is an easy and strangely (strangely = frucsán) delicious drink with a 4:1 ratio of Champagne to black Irish stout (stout = erős barna sör).

Death in the Afternoon

Traditionally (traditionally = hagyomány szerint) made from absinthe, a spirit now illegal in the United States, in a 0.5:5 ratio to Champagne, you can probably substitute (to substitute = helyettesít) pastis or another anise-flavored (anise = ánizs) liqueur.


For a holiday brunch, make Poinsettias: a 1:4 ratio of triple sec to Champagne, with a splash of cranberry juice (cranberry juice = áfonyalé) added for color.

Nelson’s Blood

Named for the British Admiral George Nelson, this makes a great, if slightly (slightl = enyhén) morbidly-named, party drink. The recipe calls for (to call for = valamiért kiált, valamit kér/igényel) a 5:1 ratio of Champagne to tawny (tawny = vörösesbarna) Port.