10 places in Budapest with hidden treasures

Szalai Nóri | 2016. 11. 13.

10 hely Budapesten, ahova nem csak turistaként érdemes ellátogatni! 

According to the travel site Lonely Planet, these are the places that are worth visiting, if a tourist is curious about sights that are not hit by the sightseeing buses. Lonely Planet is a travel site that wrote an article about Budapest’s hidden treasures this time. The author shows ten not so well-known places in the capital city, which are new even for some Hungarians, let alone the tourists.

Kelenföld Power Plant

Kelenföld Power Plant has been visited by Szeretlek Magyaroszág, too. The industrial installation has been closed for years it is used for shooting nowadays. It is kept closed from the public, but the lucky ones can be guided around.


There are about 200 beautiful caves under Budapest, which provide the thermal water for the spas of the city. According to the author of Lonely Planet, it is worth visiting the Buda Hills where Pálvölgyi cave and Szemlőhegyi cave await the visitors.

Wekerle estate

This district is a real marvel in the suburbs, ruled by a county-like mood and decorated with Transylvanian architectural elements.  The name of Károly Koós is also mentioned, who was the main architect of the region in the beginning of the 20th century.

Törley Pezsgőpincészet

The winery of Törley champagne is located in Budafok where the past of the famous drink is presented. It was founded in the 1880s when József Törley decided to put the knowledge he had acquired in France to use in his own winery. The most important stages of the history of the Hungarian champagne can be witnessed here, and it is possible to taste the drink.

Zwack Unicum Factory

Unicum is a traditional drink made from 40 different herbs and spices based on a secret family recipe which is a must on the shelf of every Hungarian bar. In the factory we get an insight into the history of the drink and the Zwack family, and, of course, we may also taste this Hungarian speciality.

Ecseri market

On a flea market one can find everything needed. Even things that are not needed. The unadulterated mood of the market enchants you immediately at the location where even the smallest item has a serious past and history.


In 2015 Budapest was the design capital of UNESCO and Paloma is a place where you can easily understand why.  It is actually a garden where Hungarian designers can find a place for themselves – whether it is jewellery, clothes, shoes or cosmetics. The artist garden, located in Kossuth Lajos Street, is a very unique place where everyone can find an item if they want.

Hospital in the Rock

Not so much a “hidden” treasure, but still worth mentioning. The complex, which was built in a natural cave system, began as a hospital during World War ll, then functioned as a Nuclear Bunker in the years of the Cold War. Since 2002 it has been awaiting its visitors as a museum.

Pinball exhibition

Europe’s largest ongoing interactive pinball exhibition with 130 machines. Real rarities can be found here, such as an antique piece from the late 19th century, and they are fully functional.

Turkish spas

Many know the large amount of thermal spas Budapest has but there are a lot of not so well-known ones, built under the Turkish thraldom that are visited by only a few tourists. Rudas Thermal Bath is among the popular ones, but, for example, Király Bath or Veli Bej Bath are not.

source: Daily News Hungary


according to

valaki/valami szerint

it is worth visiting

érdemes meglátogatni


jól ismert

power plant






to await something/somebody

várni valamit/valakit


csoda, csodálatos dolog








szakasz, szint

to witness something

tanúja lenni valaminek





to get an insight into

betekintést nyerni valamibe

flea market




to enchant



folyamatban lévő, éppen zajló  





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