Seventh Heaven – Now This is Thanksgiving


A heti hálaadásnapi témához igazodva jöjjön most egy videós lecke feladattal! 

– Now, this is Thanksgiving.

– Well, everything smells great and it looks so Um, originally delicious.

– Can I help out?

– You know what? I wouldn’t do that.

– You can’t go backstage at a David Copperfield show.

– So I guess Mary decided to go off with her friends?

– No, she had something to take care of.

– Let’s give her a minute.

– Everybody sit down.

– May I get you something to drink?

– Just water.

– Water.

– Julie, you look great.

– Absolutely…

 – Gorgeous.

– Thank you.

– You got all pretty again.

– Thank you, sweetheart.

– And you got all nice again, too.

– Simon. I’m sorry.

– Are you all better now?

– No. But I’ve made a start. I’m going to live somewhere where they help people get better, and I will.

Because any time I think about having a drink, I’ll remember how it made me so sick that I hurt my nephew, who I love very, very much.

ERIC: Anybody hungry?

ANNIE: If nobody minds, I’d like to say grace.

Dear Lord, thank you for filling the pain of my mother’s loss with the joy that comes from helping others in need. We thank you for our new traditions and our new beginnings on this Thanksgiving day. Amen.

– ALL: Amen.

– Amen.

– Amen.

– You guys don’t have to wear these sweaters. When I bought them I was drunk.

– Well, that explains it.

– Come on, everybody.

Dig in.

– Just a sec. This was a hard-fought-for Thanksgiving which may make it our best ever. I’ve never been more proud of this family than I am tonight. Now, let’s identify the food and then eat it.

– Sis? A little of this? Go ahead.

– Dig in.

JULIE: Thanksgiving dinners should be crispy.

MATT: It’s very well done. Want some of that?

SIMON: You go first.

JULIE: Very tasty.

Can you find the English equivalent of the following sentences/expressions in the script?

1. Mindennek remek illata van.

2. Én nem tenném.

3. Adjunk neki egy percet!

4. Adhatok neked valamit inni?

5. Mostmár teljesen jól vagy?

6. Ez megmagyarázza a dolgot.

7. Először te vegyél!


1. Everything smells great.

2. I wouldn’t do that.

3. Let’s give her a minute.

4. May I get you something to drink?

5. Are you all better now?

6. That explains it.

7. You go first.





ízletes, finom

to go backstage

bemenni a színfalak mögé

to take care of sg

elrendezni valamit


gyönyörű, káprázatos


édesem, kedvesem

to make a start

elkezdeni valamit



If nobody minds

ha senki sem bánja

to say grace

áldást mondani





to be in need

szükségben lenni


tradíció, hagyomány

that explains it

ez megmagyarázza a dolgot

to dig in

elkezdeni enni


keményen megdolgoztunk érte/megharcoltuk





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