A handyman’s job description


A rövid szövegből megtudhatod, hogy mit csinál egy szerelő, és hogyan tudsz a legegyszerűbben hívni egyet angolul, ha valami elromlik. A szöveghez hanganyag is tartozik.


A handyman (or repairman) mainly performs small repair jobs and tasks around the home or yard for a fee. Although handymen are historically male, women are beginning to perform more of these tasks and repairs. Some handymen have licenses to work on particular systems, while others stick to more general tasks which don’t require licensing.

A handyman can often be found by flyers on community bulletin boards and in local stores. Word of mouth is also a good way to find a handyman, since satisfied customers will be happy to recommend someone who did a good job. A handyman can sometimes be more useful than a specialist, because he can perform a wide range of tasks in one visit. However, the quality of service provided by a handyman can also vary widely, so it is a good idea to ask for recommendations before hiring someone.

to perform – elvégez
repair – javítási munkák
task – feladat
to stick to – ragaszkodik valamihez
flyer – szórólap
community bulletin board – közösségi hirdetőtábla
word of mouth – szóbeszéd
satisfied – elégedett
customer – vásárló, vevő
to recommend – ajánl
useful – hasznos
specialist – szakember
a wide range of – széles skálájú …
to vary – változik
recommendations – ajánlatok


The pipe is BLOCKED. – EL van dugulva a cső.
The window is BROKEN. – Be van törve az ablak.
The carpet is RUINED. – Tönkrement a szőnyeg.
The drain is BLOCKED. – El van dugulva a csatorna.
The radiator is LEAKING. – Csöpög a radiátor.
There is a STAIN on the carpet. – Van egy folt a szőnyegen.
The lock is FIXED. – Beragadt a zár.
The tap is DRIPPING. – Csöpög a csap.
The washing machine is NOT WORKING. – Rossz a mosógép.

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