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Szia [FNAME],

Remélem kellemesen telt a hétvégéd! Mi már nagyon vártuk a mai napot, hiszen mától szabadabban lehet mozogni, és kinyitnak az üzletek is! 

Témaként pedig a hétre egy kis nyelvvizsgára való felkészülést terveztem, mégpedig partnerünk az iTolc Nyelvvizsgaközponttal közösen! 

Ne feledd, hogy most a rendkívüli helyzetre való tekintettel az otthonodból is le tudod tenni a nyelvvizsgát online! Az iTolc Nyelvvizsgaközponttal közösen pedig immár a www.5percangolnyelvvizsga.hu oldalon keresztül is tudsz jelentkezni próbavizsgára és éles vizsgára is!

… és akkor most jöjjön egy olvasásértési feladat! 




iTolc Nyelvvizsga

Olvasott szöveg értése – B2

Task 1.

You’ll read an online article about a nice place to visit. Match the headings (A-I) with the paragraphs (1-5.). There are 3 headings you don’t need. There is an example (0) for you.


0.   G        Amazing landscapes

A 700-kilometre drive got us to Transylvania with a worthwhile overnight stop at Oradea border town en route to the Transylvanian peaks. Plus, much additional driving once there, as this region is really large and spectacular. There is so much to take in while on these roads, winding round forested hills and mountains with wide-open valleys, glorious lakes and wondrous wildlife.  

1. …..

Perhaps one of the first things you may notice is that the locals have a great love for horses. Horse-drawn carts are still very much a way of life because tradition still very much lives. If you want a memorable ride, just ask around. Someone will offer you one. Of course, occasionally horse and carts “battle it out” on the slopes with heavy-goods vehicles and cars.

2. …..

Another striking feature that comes to attention once here is the dimensional all-in-one doors, gates and archway entrances, exclusive to this region. Although similar in structure, none of these ornamental, artistic “approaches”, made of wood, have the same final decorative style, each telling a different story with its own assorted carvings, motifs, inscriptions, and personal touches.

3. …..

There is so much on offer. Transylvania is clearly ideal for outdoor tourism, with countless opportunities for walking, hiking, climbing, and skiing. For those who enjoy swimming there are various lakes and resorts. And if you want to see the “real thing” in village tourism, just look out for information signposts as you go by. There are often artistic and musical festivals throughout the social calendar. Then there are alternatives such as brown bear spotting with a personal tour guide, as well as cheese tourism and other surprises.

4. …..

If you’re searching for Count Vlad, then visit Castle Bran, also known as Dracula’s Castle. This legendary Transylvanian fortress is one of the region’s biggest draws. But the queues are long in the summer, and I sensed that perhaps this overrated attraction would be far better kept for a distinctly cloudy day out of peak times.

5. …..

To be honest, Transylvania has too much to offer to write about here. My advice is to read up first and visit tourism websites. Certainly, an open mind and spontaneity are required, especially with the changeable weather. If you have a good car, then all the better to see as much as possible. Just do it your way, as we did.


A) A horse-riding nation

B) Various attractions

C) A little disappointment

D) Remarkable pieces of carpentry

E) Explore it yourself

F) A special way to travel

G) Amazing landscapes

H) Interesting artistic design

I)  The peak of the trip







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